The 1979 Awardees

Rev. Vincent F. Beatty, SJ
College President
BS 1936, Honorary degree 1955
Baltimore, MD

Rev. Vincent Beatty, former president of Loyola College, received the John Carroll Award in ceremonies held at the Marble House In Newport, RI, on October 13, 1979.

A 1936 graduate of the College, Rev. Beatty entered the Jesuit order soon thereafter, teaching science at Loyola during his formation years. he was ordained in 1947. Eight years later, at the age of 41, Beatty was elevated to president of Loyola, which he served until 1965. At the time of his retirement, Rev. Beatty was the longest serving president at Loyola in the 20th Century, a record surpassed by his successor, former Georgetown dean Rev. Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J.

From Loyola, Rev. Beatty served as the rector at Georgetown Prep from 1966 until 1973, where that school's man of the year award is named in his honor. Rev. Beatty served on the Georgetown University Board of Directors and was named a special assistant to the school's development office.

Less than a month after the award ceremonies, Rev. Beatty died of a heart attack at the age of 65.

Col. Thomas A. Clarke
Alumni Volunteer
LLB 1917
Providence, RI

Thomas Clarke, a veteran alumni volunteer with the Georgetown Club of Rhode Island, received the John Carroll Award in ceremonies held at the Marble House In Newport, RI, on October 13, 1979.

Clarke received his law degree from Georgetown in 1917 before joining the Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF) in World War I. He returned to military service in world War II, serving under Gen. Dwight Eisenhower in Europe and retiring to Rhode island in 1947 at the rank of colonel.

In the 1979 John Carroll Awards program Clarke was saluted as the "Father of the Rhode Island Club", a club which set many of the standards for alumni club participation during this era. It was the Rhode Island club that established its annual Recognition Dinner in 1950, a precursor to the John Carroll Awards. Clarke served for many years as president of the club, based in Providence but covering the entire state.

Thomas Clarke died in 1985 at the age of 90.

Paul J. McQuillan
BSFS 1952, LLB 1956
New Britain, CT

Paul McQuillan, a Connecticut based attorney, received the John Carroll Award in ceremonies held at the Marble House In Newport, RI, on October 13, 1979.

Born in 1928, McQuillan spent most of his life in New Britain, CT, where he graduated high school in 1946 before completing military service in post-war Europe. He arrived at the School of Foreign Service in 1948, and served as the president of the SFS Student Council. Following graduation, he returned to military service in Korea before going on to Georgetown law. His legal career spanned across five decades, including serving as chairman of the Connecticut State Board of Pardons.

Paul McQuillan was an honorary degree recipient from central Connecticut State University and a recipient of a lifetime achievement award from the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association. He died in 2005 at the age of 76.

Raymond D. O'Brien
Attorney, Alumni Volunteer
BSS 1949, LLB 1951
Elizabeth, NJ

Raymond D. ("Ray") O'Brien, a former president of the Georgetown University Alumni Association, received the John Carroll Award in ceremonies held at the Marble House In Newport, RI, on October 13, 1979.

O'Brien grew up in Elizabeth, NJ and arrived to the College in 1946, serving for four years in the Glee Club, but also singing among the newest campus groups at the time: the Georgetown Chimes. O'Brien was the first newcomer accepted to the original eight man ensemble founded by Frank Jones in 1946. O'Brien was Chime #9, a number which he treasured for decades to come and instilled a lifelong love of alma mater.

Following Georgetown, O'Brien earned a law degree and served in the naval judge advocate's general staff, studying at the Officer Candidate School and the Naval War College, both in Newport. Following military service, O'Brien remained in the naval reserves until 1988.

Following the Navy, O'Brien served an attorney in the Elizabeth and Newark areas, while staying closely connected to a Georgetown as a club and class volunteer. A longtime member of the Alumni Admissions program, O'Brien joined the Board of Governors of the Georgetown University Alumni Association in 1975 was named its vice president in 1981. He served as president of the Association from 1988 to 1990 helping maintain continuity and progress during a lawsuit filed in 1987 over its incorporation rights during its integration with University fundraising.

A dedicated volunteer to local Catholic programs in the Newark archdiocese, O'Brien was a also a loyal fan of Georgetown basketball, traveling nationwide with his family to see the Hoyas in action. All six of O'Brien's children followed him to the Hilltop, and are all Georgetown alumni.

Ray O'Brien died in 2000 at the age of 72.

Dr. Joseph T. Salcetti
Dentist, professor
DDS 1953
Washington, DC

Joseph Salcetti, a Georgetown professor and former president of the Washington D.C. Dental Society, received the John Carroll Award in ceremonies held at the Marble House In Newport, RI, on October 13, 1979.

Salcetti graduated from Regis University in 1949 before earning his dental degree from Georgetown in 1953. Upon entering private practice, he joined the faculty of the Dental School in its clinical division, serving as an assistant professor for over 25 years and active in the school through its final years in 1990.

Dr. Salcetti earned the school's distinguished faculty award, and retired from dentistry in 2000.